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Advance Mechanical is the most professional heating and air conditioning business that I have ever dealt with, and I have dealt with quite a few. Upon calling, Donna was patient and professional with me and all my questions, going above and beyond my expectations to explain about the company and what they were able to do for me. Knowing that Advance Mechanical has high standards for hiring (no criminal record and are drug free) and text a pic and bio of the technician making the call, made me feel comfortable. It is impressive to me when a company looks out for the well being of their customers. The technician, Michael, was a very polite, professional, knowledgeable young man. He respectfully answered any questions I had and did not treat me like a “dumb woman” like at some other establishments I have dealt with. With such a wonderful experience during a stressful situation, I told my best friend, who is also looking for a great heating/AC company, about my service call. She too was so impressed that she will be contacting Advance Mechanical for her needs. I took a chance on calling Advance Mechanical and I am so glad that I did. Thank you Advance Mechanical. You are an A++ company.

– Donna C. – Washington

The AC at my office wasn’t cooling properly so we called the company we had used for 25 years and someone from another company that had bought their contacts showed up. We were told we needed a new system and it was a very high quote so someone recommended Advance Mechanical for a second opinion. Bottom line is our AC was repaired in less than 30 minutes for less than 500.00 and we didn’t need a new system after all. One word when I think of Advance. Honesty!

– B. Lee – Greenville

Advance Mechanical is a model of professional, customer-driven service.  Both their service men and installers of new equipment have the best interests of the customer in mind.

– Steve B.  – Washington

I am completely satisfied with Advance Mechanical Inc. Heating and A/c.  A company that’s efficient, professional and caring.  From the start of installation of my Trane XR15 unto the present I am happy and satisfied.  The preventive maintenance service is excellent.  The technicians brief me before service began and during the performance of the necessary service.  They treat you like family and I am glad to be a member.

– W. Brown – Greenville

We have been happy Advance Mechanical customers for more than 18 years.  From top to bottom the company is solid and trustworthy.  They have earned our loyalty.  Randy, David and others have created and excellent company.

– Don W.  – Greenville

Not only does Advance Mechanical do great work to install the right system for your home & offer first rate maintenance service, who knew that one of their staff (Mike Weinberg) would also be a Guardian Angel for my lost dog.

To the kind soul that found my dog Meko on Stantonsburg Rd & took him to the Shelter & to Mike while performing maintenance on my HVAC System who cared enough to help! Mike posted on Facebook to help & called the Pitt County Shelter. Amazingly, Meko is now safe & home. Thank You Mike, for caring!

– Charlene C.– Farmville

There are times when words cannot adequately express one’s thanks and appreciation.  This, for me, is one of those times.  It seems so small to merely say thank you for what your company, Advance Mechanical, Inc., did for me when I lost heat to my home.

However, I do thank you, sincerely appreciate and am grateful for all the hard work your company, team of outstanding technicians, and other employees put forth to bring heat to my home during the recent cold snap and the day before the holiday of Thanksgiving.  I saw, first hand, what it means to work as a team, as I watched four outstanding technicians working together, as if they were the homeowner, to install my new gas pack.  I felt their genuine concern.  I recognized their outstanding professionalism, work ethics and pride in work.  I saw their pride and joy, as heat began to warm my home.  I thank all of you for a job more than well-done!

– Carolyn H.  – Greenville

Following Hurricane Irene (2011), one of our two HVAC units was damaged slightly resulting in a slow R22 coolant leak. Advance Mechanical of Greenville, NC expertly assisted us in nursing that unit into an acceptable level of operational health during the succeeding two years, but this year we decided to replace the failing system with a new TRANE. David Moody of Advance Mechanical skillfully assessed our energy load and system sizing requirements and a special TRANE financial promotion prompted our decision to pursue a total system replacement involving both HVAC systems in order to create a matched set for our home.

In our opinion, the level of engineering quality and commitment to excellence provided by Advance Mechanical’s HVAC engineers stand second to none and we are extremely pleased with the detail oriented precision related to the install engineering as well as the turnkey system installation cost. Best of all, we have not noticed a change in the quality of follow-up customer service care subsequent to the sale. This overall experience with Advance Mechanical leaves no doubt in our minds that we made the correct decision.

– Ernie and Dianne Marshburn – Greenville

I am completely satisfied with Advance Mechanical, Inc. Heating and A/C. A company that’s efficient, professional and caring. From the start of the installation of my Trane XR15 unit to the present I am happy and satisfied. The preventive maintenance service is excellent.The technicians brief me before service begins and during the performance of the necessary service. They treat you like family and I am glad to be a member.

– Wheeler Brown, Jr. – Greenville

On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to thank all of you for taking such good care of us in replacing our A/C and furnace. Everyone was very knowledgeable and nice as well as easy to work with. We are very comfortable enjoying staying cool now with our new Trane system while eating the can of delicious cookies from the Carolina Cookie Company you surprised us with. Thank you so much for everything!

– S. Sturm – Greenville

Advance Mechanical has been servicing and performing maintenance on our old Trane system for several years. During these years, we have had annual contracts and been completely satisfied with the work of the technicians.

Our contacts, from the owners to the newest employee who has been to our home, have been very satisfactory. Each person has been friendly and polite and helpful. Each employee knew his job and took pride in top performance. We were impressed with how well organized the group were as they did their assigned work.

In summary, I think we have the best contractor in this area. The Trane office representative (Raleigh, NC) was right when he recommended Advance Mechanical to us years ago.

– RJS – Winterville

Advance Mechanical is always so very prompt. They make a real effort to contact and communicate with their customers. They are a wonderful company to work with and keep the customer in mind.

– G. Walter – Greenville

I have been impressed with the highly professional and experienced people who are employed by Advance Mechanical. They provide a great service in the HVAC field in both residential and commercial environments throughout Eastern North Carolina. Last fall during the semiannual inspection of my home HVAC system, it was determined the natural gas heating chamber was defective. I was advised to purchase a more efficient unit rather than repair because of savings in utility cost as well as taking advantage of tax credits available.

After reviewing the cost and potential savings I gave the OK to proceed. Within twenty four hours my home HVAC was replaced without a trace of anyone being in my home. The new system is controlled by a much more advanced computer controlled thermostat. The duct work was examined and repaired to stop leaks and with a much quieter and efficient air handler there are no cold spots during the winter or hot spots during the summer. Oh yes and one other thing, my utility bill is averaging half the cost of the old HVAC unit.

It has been my experience that good business is built upon service you can trust. Advance Mechanical is that kind of company.

– John Carroll – Greenville

I have been a customer of Advance Mechanical since their start and had the customer maintenance plan for several years. They keep a check on my heating and air systems so they are always in working order! They even change my filters! They are dependable, honest and always friendly. I feel secure knowing they are there for me when I need them!

– E. Merritt – Greenville

We have been associated with Advance Mechanical since we built our home in 1994-95. They furnished all of our heating and air conditioning equipment and accessories. Since then, it has been a pleasure to have them maintain the equipment. They developed a spring/fall maintenance system for their customers that is organized and timely. The paperwork is professional and leaves the impression of competence. The people in the office are easy to talk with and handle any issues right away.

Since I have an administrative background, I particularly notice the care taken with proper wording in their paperwork. I am impressed that Advance Mechanical periodically updates the paperwork, slogans, calling cards, etc. When I notice these things, I know that the company is growing, not only in number of customers, but in professional aspects as well.

The service guys are super! They comply with my insistence that they wear “booties” in the house, and some of them knew my Dad. He was in the wholesale heating/air conditioning/plumbing business for as long as I can remember. I can still recall the very day when we had air conditioning installed in our house . . . I was in the 6th grade! I heard the “lingo” spoken all of my life and learned valuable information about heating and cooling one’s home. And he worked, in his later years, for Advance Mechanical so I have a personal “seal of approval” as well!

– Brenda Page Giles – Greenville

For nearly a quarter century, my husband and I have used exclusively Advance Mechanical, Inc. for all our heating and air conditioning needs. We have always been impressed with the competence, professionalism and accommodating manner of their technicians, as well as the timeliness of their service response. We have total confidence in our continued relationship with Advance Mechanical for our years ahead.

– Mrs. Malcolm J. Howard – Greenville

What a blessing it has been to have a maintenance plan with Advance Mechanical! I can rely on them to come and check my cooling and heating system twice a year, when it’s convenient for me. By doing that, if it needs something to be fixed, it will be fixed before it gets to be a major problem. I feel it is some of the best money I have ever spent.

– Lucille Diener – Greenville