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A group of farmers settled the area in the mid 1760s and incorporated the Town of Farmville in 1872. With an important agribusiness beginning, Farmville has expanded to include industrial, commercial, and residential businesses and industries. Advance Mechanical proudly offers all heating, cooling, and air quality services to the people of Farmville.

IAQ Services in Farmville, NC

Farmville, NC Heating Services

Your HVAC unit could be considered one of, if not the most, important appliances in your home—especially during the colder months. If you are having issues with your home heating up – we can help! We perform maintenance, repairs, replacements, and installations!

Farmville, NC Cooling Services

As we all know, eastern NC weather can be unpredictable. Summers here can be extremely warm, and being stuck in the heat can be miserable. Keep your home just the right temperature when you contact Advance Mechanical. We can repair, replace, or maintain any make or model of HVAC unit, or install a brand new one! Contact us for any cooling services you may need.

Why Choose Advance Mechanical

Technician Seal of Safety

All Advance Mechanical technicians and staff have been background checked and drug tested. We want you to know the people who will be in your home care about your personal safety, the safety of your family, and the security of your home. To see a photo of your technician, visit our staff page.

Customer Committed in Farmville, NC

Family-owned and operated, Advance Mechanical is a Customer Committed Heating and Air Conditioning company. Being customer committed for over 35 years means you can depend on Advance Mechanical to provide you with superior heating, cooling, and air quality service!

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