Month: November 2018

A Homeowner’s Furnace Replacement Guide

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It’s getting chiller and chiller, and while we all love the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, no one wants to say “it’s cold INSIDE.” Unless your furnace system breaks down completely, it’s sometimes difficult to know the best time to replace an aging system. If you’re wondering if this is the year to replace your furnace, here are a few signs that will alert you to a potential breakdown and problems you can avoid by replacing your system now.

  • System is aging (more than 15 – 18 years old)
  • System requires frequent repairs
  • System does not supply sufficient warmth
  • Unit cycles on and off irregularly
  • Energy bills are increasing
  • Unit makes strange noises
  • Low indoor air quality is causing respiratory issues and/or smells

If any of these sound familiar, it probably means it may be time to replace your furnace. The experts at Advance Mechanical in Greenville, NC will inspect your system to determine if it is the right time to replace. We’ll make sure you don’t get left in the cold this winter!

We know that replacing a furnace isn’t “fun” for homeowners. But, there are benefits to replacing your system – that can even SAVE you money! Furnaces fueled by natural gas are by far the most common heating system for homes in the United States. Newer models are very energy efficient. Energy is getting more expensive and if you don’t have a high-efficiency model, energy can cost you more. Similarly, if your furnace is suffering from old age or wear and tear, it isn’t going to be very effective at heating your home – causing it to run longer and use more energy. Replacing your system can save you money on monthly energy bills – not to mention, your home will be much more comfortable.

In addition to a high-efficiency furnace, there are several other enhancements that can contribute to your home’s overall comfort throughout the winter. Consider these additions to your home heating plan for maximum comfort.

  • Add moisture to the dry winter air with a humidifier
  • Zoning your systems for more precise control over heating and cooling for multiple, separate areas of your home.
  • MicroPower Guard for cleaner air
  • UV lighting to eliminate bacteria

As a homeowner, one of the most important decisions you may encounter is when it’s time to replace your furnace. Your heating system is an investment in your home. The experts at Advance Mechanical can find the right one. Advance Mechanical technicians are experienced in furnace repairs, replacements and installations. Give us a call today!