Month: December 2023

The Most Common Winter Heating Repairs

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Winter in NC can be all over the place, but we bet that you’ve turned your heat on already. The last thing you want this December is for your home to be cold. Advance Mechanical is here to make sure your heat is running efficiently all winter long. Here are the most common heating problems we see during the North Carolina winter.

1. The Furnace is Switching On and Off.

Irritating? Yes. A problem? Absolutely. Not only is your heat not running properly, but it’s wasting energy and costing you money. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as a clogged or dirty filter, while other times you might need a whole new thermostat.

2. There’s No Air Coming from the Heating System.

This is one of the last things you want to happen when it’s cold out. If you notice that your furnace isn’t working at all, first check and make sure it has power. If it does and still isn’t blowing, there are several other reasons it might not be working. The motor may have blown, the thermostat could be malfunctioning, or the pilot light may have gone out. Either way, you’ll need a technician to assess and repair your system.

3. Your Heating System is Blowing Cold Air.

Your system is working… kind of. You’re getting cold air instead of warm, which isn’t ideal during winter. The first thing you need to do is make sure your thermostat is set on heat. Next, check your filters. Sometimes a dirty or clogged filter can cause your heating system to overheat and start blowing cold air.

4. Your Furnace is Making a Loud Noise.

Your furnace can make noise, but it shouldn’t be a loud noise. If you hear banging or clanking noises, then there may be a screw, nut, or bolt loose. Any unusual noises from your HVAC system warrants a call to a professional right away. When left unattended, the problem can become more serious and expensive.

5. Increased Energy Bills.

If you’ve noticed a sharp increase in your energy bill but don’t know why, your furnace might not be working correctly. A properly maintained system is an efficient one, so it’s worth having someone come and inspect your furnace regularly. High bills can mean that something is blocking the airflow, a problem that a professional can fix.

With any of these heating problems, Advance Mechanical is only a phone call away. Our team of trained, certified, professional technicians are here to make sure you and your family stay nice and toasty during the winter months. Call us today to schedule a service at 252-355-9191.