Month: September 2019

4 HVAC Myths Busted

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It’s time for us to bust a few common heating and air conditioning myths. There is a lot of misconception floating around about how an HVAC unit works in your home. It’s easy to believe these myths – especially when we think they are saving us money on our energy bills or helping our systems operate more efficiently. But, to help our valued customers make the best choices for maintenance and efficiency, here are 4 HVAC myths busted!

Myth #1
Closing the vents in empty rooms increases energy efficiency.

Closing a vent to a room you don’t use can actually interfere with your homes air flow. This will cause your system to work even harder to distribute air making your system less energy efficient.

Myth #2
If nothing seems to be wrong with my HVAC system, there is no need for a professional.

You go to the doctor for a checkup, right? The same principle applies to your HVAC system. Remember that regular HVAC maintenance by a professional is always a good idea. Not having regular tune-ups can lead to an expensive repair, decrease efficiency and shorten the lifespan of your equipment. Join our Comfort Club for regular scheduled maintenance.

Myth #3
Turning your system off and on will reduce energy consumption. 

So, you turn off your lights when you aren’t using them to reduce energy. But the same logic does NOT apply to your HVAC unit. Turing your system on and off multiple times actually consumes more energy! Consider investing in a programmable thermostat that can be set to different temperatures when you’re asleep or not at home – that way you are reducing energy use and being easier on your system.

Myth #4
It doesn’t matter where I put my thermostat.

This simply isn’t true. Putting your thermostat in an area of your home that gets direct sunlight can cause your thermostat to read an incorrect in-home temperature. Which will cause your home to experience poor heating or cooling. The best place for a thermostat is on an interior wall where you and your family spend the most time. Check out our blog “Where’s the Best Place for Your Thermostat?” to learn more!

Keep all of these in mind and you’re well on your way to a more efficient HVAC system that will last longer and won’t put a strain on your wallet. If you have any more questions, contact the professionals at Advance Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning in Greenville, NC!