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How To: Find the Best Residential HVAC Contractors in my Area?

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Person using wrench to fix HVAC system

When it comes to having your heating and air conditioning fixed, you don’t want just anyone doing the work. Your HVAC is an investment, so you will want to invest in the best. The trouble is… how can you find the best of the best for your area?

Ask About Their Services

Actions speak louder than words, so if you want to know if the team working on your HVAC unit is the best, inquire about their services and products. The person serving you shouldn’t just be installing or repairing your unit, they should also be passionate about ensuring the best for their customers. Your HVAC contractor should want you to have an increased quality of air and an energy-efficient, cost-saving unit. The air you breathe is just as important as the money you save.

Ask for References

Whether it’s family, friends, members of your community, or simply checking their online reviews, you should search for people who have worked with the HVAC company you are considering. If they’re happy with the work that has been done, they’ll be glad to pass that information along to you. If they weren’t happy with the company’s service, they will be happy to pass that along as well. If you’re struggling to find references, ask the company directly. A good HVAC company will happily provide you with references if you ask – and if they won’t that is your sign to move on.

Check for Licensure

Before you have anybody work on your HVAC unit, you’ll want to ensure that they have the proper credentials. Make sure you are only talking to HVAC companies who are properly licensed. If you have any questions about licensure, ask your technicians! Information about their license shouldn’t be difficult to find because licensed HVAC companies are happy to share that with you. Remember this, to legally perform heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration work in the state of North Carolina, you must be a licensed contractor or working under someone who is licensed.

Ask for a Written Estimate

You will want to get an estimate on your project, that way you will know what your investment is going to be. Anybody can give you an estimate, but an HVAC professional will look at your unit before recommending specific pieces of equipment or parts needed, and they should be willing to give you a written estimate before starting the work.

Though many people may try to say that they are able to do the HVAC work you need done, few can be considered “the best.” With over 30 years of experience and over 2,000 5-star reviews, Advance Mechanical is proud to be considered one of the best in the area.

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