Month: August 2021

Air Balancing: Resolve Hot or Cold Spots in Your Home

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Air balancing helps distribute proper air flow to each room in your home. Not only does it make for a more comfortable environment, but it also improves the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system. There are several things you can try before contacting a professional:

1. Change dirty filters – A buildup of dust and dirt in your filters can obstruct the flow of air.

  • Inspect all of the air filters and replace it at least every 3 months

2. Utilize window coverings – Close shades/blinds or pull your curtains to lessen the sun’s effect on the temperature of a room.

  • You can save up to 25% on your monthly utilities by utilizing window coverings

3. Clear the area around your vents – Make sure rugs, curtains and furniture are not inhibiting air flow.

  • In this case, more is better, but at least 10”

4. Weatherproof windows and doors – Proper sealing helps decrease the effect outside air has on the interior temperature.

  • This can also increase your home’s efficiency by up to 30%

5. Adjust vent louvres – Simple, but effective, adjusting the louvers of a vent allows you to increase or decrease airflow as needed.

  • Don’t close vents all the way, as this causes a buildup of pressure and makes your system work harder

Still experiencing a room that’s too hot…or one that’s too cold? Call Advance Mechanical, our technicians will evaluate your ductwork and other systems, then make the necessary adjustments to ensure each room feels just right!