Month: June 2020

HOT Tips for a Cool Summer

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The scorching eastern North Carolina summer heat is quickly approaching. Sweating through the summer sure gets old. Your air conditioner works hard to keep you and your home cool. To help your system accomplish this difficult job (and not increase your energy bill), we’ve got a few hot tips to help you stay cool this summer.

Show Your Air Conditioner Some Love

These few small steps can help your AC run better.

  • Give your system a little shade so that it has an easier time cooling air.
  • Remove debris from around your system. This includes overgrown grass, weeds, bushes and anything else that could be impeding airflow.
  • Regularly replace your filters. This is crucial not only for efficiency and overall performance, but for the lifespan of your system.
  • Keep your thermostat away from the heat. Lamps, TV’s, other heat-producing appliances and sunlight near your thermostat can cause your system to run longer than necessary, increasing energy bills and making your home uncomfortable.
  • Schedule a professional tune-up!

Don’t Overdo the AC

Prevent your AC from overworking.

  • Stop lowering the temperature. Cranking down the thermostat won’t cool your home any faster – it just puts your system under immense strain.
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat for automatic energy savings!
  • Make sure ductwork is insulated and air leaks are sealed around windows, doors and fixtures to keep cool air in!
  • Make sure that no vents in your home are covered by furniture, rugs or other items.

Other Tips

Aside from AC, here are a few other things that can cool you off.

  • Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Try keeping a few bottles of water in the freezer, when you leave the house you can drink it as it melts to keep you cool for hours!
  • Cotton sheets can help keep you cool at night.
  • Head to the water! One great thing about eastern North Carolina is our access to the beach and water. Enjoy your summer with a trip to the coast to cool off!

As always, Advance Mechanical is here to help make your family comfortable all year long. Give us a call today for an AC tune-up, maintenance or inspection. We hope you have the BEST summer yet!