Month: April 2021

Your HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring is in full swing, and for many folks that means it’s the season to give the house a thorough “spring cleaning.” Spring cleaning is the perfect time to dust off and shine up those areas of your home that are often overlooked. Remember, the components of your home’s HVAC system need cleaning too. To help you out here’s a HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist.


Clean the Return Air Vents

Dust, dirt and other debris accumulates on your return air vents as air flows through the system. We suggest, for best cleaning, remove them and use your vacuum to suck off any loose debris. Then, to get between the individual slats, try using a rag over a butter knife to get in those tough places. Using an all-purpose cleaner is enough to do the trick!


Don’t Forget the Floor Registers
While you may vacuum over them, your floor registers may need a deeper clean. It is very easy for dirt, small items, pet hair, and other debris to get knocked into the floor vents around your house. To clean them thoroughly, remove the register by lifting or unscrewing it from the floor. Then place the register in soapy water and use a sponge to clean off any dirt or rust. Once the register is completely dried, reinstall it. In the meantime, make sure nothing gets accidently knocked down into your exposed ductwork!


Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit
Over the winter season, debris and foliage may have built up around your exterior unit. This can restrict airflow causing system performance issues and interfere with your home comfort. Remove any yard waste and cut back vegetation growing around your unit.


Schedule Professional Maintenance
While there is a lot you can do to spring clean your HVAC system; some things should be left to the professionals. A lot of dirt can collect in your condenser unit, blower unit, and in the ducts. This causes decreased efficiency, diminished air quality and even higher electric bills! Advance Mechanical offers professional maintenance service that is designed to clean out your system, improve HVAC performance and extend the life of your equipment. The professionals at Advance Mechanical will even identify and correct small issues with your system before they become big, costly issues!


Happy spring cleaning, everyone! To schedule your professional maintenance, give Advance Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning a call today!