Your HVAC’s Holiday Wish List

Person checking HVAC unit with meter gauge

Your shopping is nearly complete! You’ve wrapped up everything from Aunt Sally’s favorite bath bomb to little Johnny’s new fidget spinner. You’re ready to settle in for the holiday festivities. Before you pour that eggnog though, consider adding a present for just one more: your HVAC unit.

If your HVAC system was a member of the family (and a bit of a health nut), its holiday wish list might look a little something like this:

Some TLC for my blower compartment. It’s getting kind of cruddy in there, and a blocked blower wheel can do a real number on our utility bills. Oh, and I even know some great specialists at Advance Mechanical that can give me just the kind of TLC I am looking for.

A tune-up and inspection to make sure all of my wiring and parts are in tip-top shape. If you’re feeling extra generous, I’d love a Comfort Club Membership. That would get me TWO seasonal system cleanings/tune-ups plus discounts on service, parts & repairs; FREE 77 Point Inspection, priority service and much more!

A programmable and Wi-Fi thermostat. This gift is for you as much as it is for me. Doesn’t a scheduled heating and cooling program sound nice? You can finally stop manually changing the temperature settings throughout the day AND we will save money on that pesky utility bill (that just keeps creeping up in cost the colder it gets).

A new set of filters—the goods ones. You’ve been sneezing a lot lately, so HEPA might be the way to go this year.

Pairing that HEPA filter with an OxyQuantum UV Light System may not be a bad gift idea either. This baby will prolong the life of my heating and cooling systems and provide control for cleaner, fresher and healthier air for the whole house.

Speaking of your indoor air quality, this might be a good time to talk about this MicroPower Guard® Polarized Media Air Cleaner I’ve had my eye on. No pressure, but I think it could help with that sneezing I mentioned. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty!

The items on your HVAC’s holiday wish list may not fit in a stocking or under the tree, but they will pay off for years to come as they improve your unit & equipment’s efficiency and lifespan (talk about a gift that keeps on giving).

Advance Mechanical is your one-stop holiday shop for anything on your HVAC’s wish list. Call us today at (252) 355-9191 or visit us online for all your HVAC needs!