Things to Consider When Considering an HVAC Replacement 

We know the decision to replace an old HVAC system causes customers some uncertainty and confusion. We get it, a HVAC replacement is a big investment. At Advance Mechanical we want our customers to know exactly what they are investing in and how long we expect their existing system to last. Depending on the age, wear and tear, and maintenance performed on your HVAC system, a replacement could be in your future sooner than expected.

At Advance Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning, we tell our customers that the average life expectancy of their HVAC system is between 12 to 15 years. However, the life of your HVAC is based on the quality of your system, how it is used and how it is maintained. For example, does your unit get much snow or ice, is it subject to extreme heat, and how often has maintenance been performed on the unit? 

This blog will outline some things you should consider when replacing your HVAC system. Some things can be fixed with a repair, while other issues may warrant a replacement. Whatever you decide, Advance Mechanical can help!

Current HVAC Unit Condition and Age

Is your HVAC unit younger than 12 years? Does it run efficiently? If you answered yes, it may be more beneficial to repair and continue to maintain your current unit versus replacing it altogether. However, newer units come with warranties, and can cool and heat your home more efficiently, which could save you money down the road. 

How Often You Use Your System

If you are someone who uses their system all day, every day, your unit could need replacing sooner rather than later. Older HVAC systems do not run as efficiently as newer ones, and you could save money on energy bills by choosing to replace your HVAC, rather than repair it.

Type of Unit & Size of Your Home

It is important to know the type of unit you currently have when considering a replacement. Is there anything you don’t like about it? For example, if you have a single zone unit and you are considering replacing it with a multi-zone system, you will need to think about size and efficiency. Don’t assume something is best for your needs just because it’s the type of system your neighbor has.

The size of your home will also come into play when selecting a new HVAC system. The larger the home, the more HVAC capacity you will need to keep it comfortable. Knowing the size of your home will make it easier to choose the correct system. For example, selecting undersized system can lead to higher energy consumption and more frequent repairs.

Modern HVAC Unit Upgrades

In recent years, upgrades have been made to HVAC systems that allow them to be cost-effective and energy efficient. Newer units are quieter and are made with insulation and comfort in mind. When you replace your unit, you will likely see the difference in how quickly your home cools or heats up, and the cost of your utility bill. 

Protect Your New HVAC System

Advance Mechanical encourages customers to consider our Comfort Club Plan. This plan helps customers keep up with their HVAC maintenance which minimizes system downtime. Regular maintenance to your HVAC system can increase the efficiency and lifespan of the system. With our Comfort Club plan, you receive regular maintenance twice a year and peace of mind knowing that your system is getting the care it needs from a knowledgeable team you can trust.

There are many things to think about when replacing your HVAC system and we can help! Advance Mechanical can answer all your questions and provide you with sound advice to ensure you get the best HVAC system for your home. 

Whether you decide to replace or repair your unit, Advance Mechanical’s team of trained, certified, professional technicians can help you from start to finish. Let us answer any questions you may have and make a recommendation based on your current system and needs. Call us today to schedule service or a replacement quote at 252-355-9191.