Does My Furnace Really Need an Annual Inspection?

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Many people may wonder, is it really necessary to get my furnace inspected annually? What do the HVAC technicians do when they give my furnace a “tune-up”? These are great questions and we’re glad people are thinking about their heating systems. Some folks don’t think about it, that is until it breaks down! Here are a few reasons your furnace really DOES need an annual inspection.

Manufactures Warranty

First of all, ALL finance manufacturers recommend annual inspections and maintenance by a licensed HVAC technician. Many also have language in their warranties that stipulates that damages caused by improper maintenance are NOT covered under the warranty. So, that’s one reason to schedule an annual inspection in itself.


But, the main purpose of having your furnace inspected annually is to make sure that it is operating as efficiently as possible. The tune-up includes, making sure that there are no blockages, leaks, rust or corrosion. Having your furnace checked, by a licensed technician, before the onset of winter can ensure that you have a properly working unit. After all, no one wants a unit to break down in the winter!


In addition to having a properly working unit, an annual inspection will also ensure that you have a safe unit. Because furnaces rely on fuel that includes oil, propane and natural gases to generate heat, you don’t want to take any chances with the safety and health of your family and slack on inspections. A minor hitch in your furnace’s performance can result in a gas leakage in your home that could expose your family to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Saves Money

AND, if that isn’t enough reason for an annual inspection, having a technician check your furnace significantly reduces the number of repairs you may need in the future. You’re fixing small problems before they turn into major, costly problems! This also extends the life of your equipment.

To sum in all up for you –

Reasons to get your furnace inspected annually:

  • To keep the manufacturer’s warranty
  • To make sure your system is operating efficiently
  • To keep your home and family safe
  • To reduce the number of repairs needed
  • To extend the life of your equipment

As you can see, the benefits of having your furnace inspected annual are numerous! Contact Advance Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning in Greenville, NC to learn more about what an inspection/tune-up really means! Don’t forget to ask about our Comfort Club as well. And, if you can’t remember the last time your furnace had a tune-up, it isn’t too late to get back on the right track. Call us today to schedule yours!