Christmas Trees and Your Heating System

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It’s finally the holiday season! And after the year we’ve all had it’s about time to have some Christmas cheer. But, before you start decking the halls, take a look at these tips from all of us here at Advance Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning.


  1. Pick a Safe Place for the Tree

    Make sure your Christmas tree isn’t placed too close to a vent or heating source. This can present a potential fire hazard, and that would make for a not-so-Merry Christmas.


  1. Choose Real vs. Artificial Trees

    Real and artificial trees are both beautiful! The type of tree you have in your home is completely up to you! If you decide on a real tree, make sure it stays hydrated. Do the “Needle Test” before you bring it home. Remember, needles should be flexible, but should not break. You should also be able to run your hands through the branches without needles falling off. If you go with an artificial tree each year, make sure to dust it off before putting it up. Always make sure it is stored in a dry place. Artificial trees can sometimes develop mold over a humid summer in the attic which can lead to poor indoor air quality.


  1. Keep Vents Clear

    With decorations, presents and additional seating for guests, make sure that all floor vents are clear and unobstructed.


  1. Change Your Air Filters

    Make sure to check your air filters throughout the holidays. It’s a good idea to change them before you start decorating. Bringing boxes and decorations out of the attic can stir up dust and debris. Make sure your air stays clean and your HVAC is operating at maximum efficiency.


  1. Keep an Eye on Your Plants

    If you have indoor plants or a real Christmas tree, turning up the heat can dry them out. This can cause leaves and needles to fall, sometimes ending up in your vents which can affect your indoor air quality. Instead of touching your thermostat when the temperature drops a little lower, warm up by the fireplace or by baking some Christmas cookies for friends and family.


  1. Be Mindful of Flammables

    Blankets, discarded wrapping paper and other holiday packages are a sure sign of great time spent with friends and family. However, they can present a fire risk. Be sure these items are kept away from space heaters, radiators and fireplaces.



We’re your heating experts this holiday season, if you need anything give Advance Mechanical a call. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!