Asthma? Allergies? It’s Time to Address Your Indoor Air Quality.

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May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, and peak season for those affected by asthma and allergies. According to the World Health Organization, air in the average home can be up to eight times more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor air is made up of outdoor air, plus all the pollutants and allergens generated from cleaning products, pets, dust, smoke, etcetera. Addressing your indoor air quality can help alleviate some of these asthma and allergy triggers.

Advance Mechanical offers a range of options to provide effective removal of air pollutants.

HEPA Filters

High-efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filters are critical in the prevention of the spread of airborne bacterial and viral organisms. Scientists have determined that the most penetrating particle size to pass through air filters is 0.3 microns. For this reason, to qualify as HEPA by US government standards, an air filter must remove 99.9% of particles from the air that have a size of 0.3 microns or larger.

MicroPower Guard®

The MicroPower Guard® uses an active electromagnetic field to magnetize airborne particles and the fibers of the disposable filter pad. Each 1” filter pad remains at peak operating efficiency for about four months before needing to be replaced. When the air is recycled through the MicroPower Guard® in your ductwork, this air cleaner will remove 97% of particles at 0.3 microns.

Ultra Violet Air Purification System

This duct-mounted air purification system provides superior control of air-borne particles, organisms and gas. When installed properly, it is completely silent, and all UVC and UVV light produced is safely contained within the duct work.

Pan Pad Treatment

During the cooling process, moisture is released from your home. As warm air hits the cold evaporator coils in your HVAC system, condensation builds and is collected in the drip pan under the coils. This standing water can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and algae. An EPA registered, time released, pan treatment strip will keep your drain system clean and protect your home from damage caused by buildup.

Minimizing indoor air pollutants is paramount in keeping you and your family healthy. You can breathe a little easier knowing Advance Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning offers a wide range of products to reduce pollutants in the air…call today!