Tips to Keep Your Home Allergy Free

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If you have lived in eastern North Carolina, you know a thing or two about allergies. The pollen here is intense. It is known for painting your car yellow in the spring, summoning sneezing fits, and having you visit your local drug store to buy more allergy medicine. But did you know Ragweed pollen is the culprit during the fall, finding ways to infiltrate our lives – including inside your home.

Make the inside of your home a safe haven from pollen with these tips to keep your home allergy-free!

1. Keep your windows and doors closed; run your A/C instead.

To limit your interactions with pollen, keep your windows and doors closed during peak allergy season and run your A/C instead. If your A/C system is working correctly, all of the rooms in your household should be kept cool, and there will be no need to let in a summer breeze.

2. Change your air filters regularly.

If your air filters are dirty, they will prevent the air from flowing properly throughout your home. Filter blockage can also collect dust and grow mold, which can trigger asthma and allergies. Have a professional come and inspect your air filters once a year to ensure that your air travels safely and efficiently.

3. Try Electrostatic Filters.

I bet you’re wondering, what exactly is an electrostatic filter? An electrostatic air filter uses static electricity to give particles positive charges as they enter a filter. The charge is released as the air continues through the layers of the filter, and results in the particles becoming trapped. These are great for allergy sufferers since particles such as dust, pet hair, and mold, which are common allergy culprits, become trapped preventing particles from being released.

4. Use an air purifier to get rid of pollutants.

Air purifiers are used to filter your house’s air. These systems kill and remove pollutants and allergens from your home, allowing you to breathe easier. This can also help your home to smell nicer!

Advance Mechanical is here for all of your HVAC needs – including cleaning your air ducts, checking your filters, and offering more recommendations on making your home allergen-free during ragweed pollen season. Call (252) 355-9191 or visit our website,, to schedule a service today.