Reasons You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Have you noticed extra dust and dirt around your home? Or your electricity bill has been higher than usual? Or maybe you are still smelling Thanksgiving AND Christmas dinners in the New Year and can’t figure out why?! All these could be signs you need your air ducts cleaned. Here are 6 benefits of hiring Advance Mechanical to clean your ducts!

  1. Your home will be cleaner.

Duct cleaning will help reduce dust, dirt, and allergens that build up over time. Many homeowners will find that air circulates quicker, and is cleaner, once they have had their air ducts professionally cleaned. Duct cleaning gets rid of the particles that would otherwise spread around your home.

  1. Reduce allergens.

Allergens like dust, pet dander, pollen, and bacteria accumulate in your air ducts and remain there, exposing you and your family to these allergens over and over again. Having your ducts cleaned could significantly reduce the allergens and limit the spread of them in your home, alleviating some allergy symptoms.

  1. Removes smells and odors.

Between owning pets, cooking, dust accumulation, and using chemicals to clean, odors can remain in air ducts and begin to smell stale. These smells will continuously circulate through your home as your HVAC unit runs. Cleaning your ducts gets rid of these odors and leaves your home smelling fresher.

  1. Improve IAQ

The indoor air quality in your home is affected by how clean your air ducts are. Dirty air ducts lead to dirty air being circulated throughout your home, causing you and your family to breathe in harmful chemicals, dust, and other allergens. Hiring Advance Mechanical for a duct cleaning service will improve your home’s IAQ, making it a safer and healthier place to live.

  1. Extend lifespan.

The state of your air ducts also affects how well your HVAC unit is running, and whether it is operating efficiently or working overtime to keep up. The additional work your unit will have to do to keep air circulating in your home will reduce the lifespan of the unit by years and could lead to costly repairs. Have your air ducts cleaned and give your unit a break – it will last longer and save you money!

  1. Keep your home safe.

Finally, the collection of dust and dander in your vents, and especially your dryer vent, could be a fire hazard for your home. A simple duct and dryer vent cleaning could significantly reduce the risk of fire, and keep your family, pets, and possessions out of harm’s way.

Advance Mechanical is here to help. Our staff is background checked and drug-free verified, giving you peace of mind. We offer three levels of duct cleaning service, and being a Comfort Club Member will get you $100 off your duct cleaning service! For more information, visit, or contact Advance Mechanical at 252-355-9191 to schedule your service today!